Application Delivery Management

VPX check-in and check-out license and pooled license support for OpenStack environment

In OpenStack orchestration workflow, Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) creates Citrix ADC VPX instances on demand when you select service package with OpenStack Compute. Now, the service package page in the Orchestration feature in Citrix ADM is enhanced to provide the license that is required to be installed on the Citrix ADC VPX instances that are created on demand. The licenses provided can be either VPX check-in and check-out license or pooled license.

To use this feature, you must first upload the licenses in Citrix ADM and then create service packages that use OpenStack compute.

  • If it is a check-in and check-out license, then you can choose the license to be installed from the various licenses available.

    Service Package check-in and check-out licenses

  • If it is a pool license, then you can select both bandwidth and the type of license edition to be installed.

    Service Package pool license

Whenever you deploy your first load balancer with Citrix ADM as a provider, Citrix ADM creates the Citrix ADC VPX instance and installs the license specified in service package to the newly created instance.

Also, when you delete an existing load balancing instance, that instance is no more needed. The instance is decommissioned and the license is returned back to Citrix ADM. This allows for optimal use of licenses available in Citrix ADM.


When Citrix ADM is deployed in high availability mode, consider that the licenses are uploaded to the current active or the primary Citrix ADM, MAS-HA-1. When you deploy the first request and Citrix ADM creates the Citrix ADC VPX instances, the instance checks out the required licenses from MAS-HA-1. At later point in time, assume the secondary Citrix ADM, MAS-HA-2, which does not have the licenses is active now. The ADC VPX instance cannot check out the license from MAS-HA-2 now and therefore the instance cannot be created for new users.

In such a case, ensure MAS-HA-1 is UP and is now the current primary node. That is, manually failover the Citrix ADM from MAS-HA-2 to MAS-HA-1. After this, you must re-attempt the configuration from OpenStack and the instances will be recreated with proper licenses. For more information on license support in Citrix ADM high availability deployment, see High Availability.

VPX check-in and check-out license and pooled license support for OpenStack environment