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Understand your data storage

You can use the Data Storage Management dashboard in NetScaler Console to view data and graphs that help you track your data storage usage.

To monitor your data storage consumption, navigate to Settings > Data Storage Management.

Data storage dashboard

The Data Storage Management dashboard indicates the following information:

State of your data ingestion activity

Data ingestion refers to the process of importing large and assorted data from all the managed NetScaler instances across various features like Events, Syslogs, Network Reporting, and so on into the NetScaler Console storage.

The data ingestion status indicates whether NetScaler Console is collecting statistics from NetScaler instances. The data ingestion activity continues as long as the consumed storage is within the entitled storage. When the consumption is more the entitled storage, the data ingestion is paused.

View the Data Ingestion tile to understand the current state of data ingestion. This tile displays either of the following two states:

  • Active - The data ingestion activity is in progress.

Data storage dashboard

  • Paused - The data ingestion activity is paused since the consumed storage exceeds the entitled storage.

Data storage dashboard

How to resume your paused data ingestion

To resume your data ingestion activity, you can perform data pruning. For more information, see Perform data pruning.

Total storage consumption

For a quick overview of your data storage, view the Storage Consumption tile.

Data storage dashboard

The Storage Consumption tile displays the total storage used by all the features in the deployment.

Hover over the donut chart to view the following:

Entitled Storage

The entitled storage is the total storage available for you to use as per your license. If you have an Express license, you get 500 MB of entitled storage. If you have an Advanced license, you get the sum of 500 MB of storage per purchased VIP and any additional storage that was bought directly without buying VIPs.

Consider the following scenarios:

  • You bought 20 VIPs. You get 500 MB of free storage for each VIP. Your entitled storage is 20*500 = 10 GB.
  • You bought 20 VIPs and an add-on storage of 5 GB. You get 500 MB of free storage for each VIP. Your entitled storage is 20*500 + 5 = 15 GB.

Consumed Storage

The consumed storage is the total storage used by all the features in the deployment. The following color coding criteria specify the amount of storage used by the features:

  • Green - The consumed storage is less than 75% of entitled storage.

  • Amber - The consumed storage is between 75% to 99% of entitled storage.

  • Red - The consumed storage limit has reached or is above the current entitled storage.

To know how data is being consumed over the last 30 days, view the Storage Consumption Trend section.

Storage Consumption Trend provides insights into which features use the most or least storage over a time period and help you effectively manage your data storage consumption.

You can view the storage data trends in either of the following forms:

  • Graphical View – Displays how the data storage is distributed across the different NetScaler Console features. Hover your mouse over the timeline to view the data storage information for any day of the month.

    Graphical view


    The Graphical View is the default view.

  • Tabular View – Click Tabular View to display the data storage information in a table form.

    Tabular view


    The tabular view allows you to filter the data by using the search field.

The following table describes the fields displayed in the Storage Consumption Trend section:

Config Includes all configurable data such as information about instances, configuration jobs, configuration audit and so on.
HDX Insight Provides end-to-end visibility for ICA traffic passing through NetScaler.
Network Reporting Displays the network performance of all the NetScaler instances.
Web Insight Provides visibility into enterprise web applications and allows integrated and real-time monitoring of applications.
Security Insight Helps to assess the application security status and take corrective actions to secure the applications.
Gateway Insight Provides visibility into the failures encountered by all users, regardless of the access mode, at the time of logging on to NetScaler Gateway.
Events Monitor and manage occurrences of events or errors on the NetScaler instances.
App Dashboard Allows the viewing and managing of applications.
Bot Insight Provides visibility into bot violations and the actions taken on them.
Syslog Monitors syslog events generated on NetScaler instances if you have configured your device to redirect all syslog messages to NetScaler Console.
Video Insight Monitors the metrics of the video optimization techniques used by NetScaler instances.
Detailed Transactions Provides visibility into web transactions and displays the response time metric split across the client, NetScaler, and the server visually.

Storage consumption by features

To know more about how the data storage is distributed across the different features, view the Storage Consumption by features as on dd mmm section.

Storage Consumption by features as on dd mmm helps you understand:

  • The storage space used by all the different features in NetScaler Console
  • The percentage of space the features consume on a particular day

Features and description

If you want to sort the table entries, the headers of the table. NetScaler Console alpha-numerically sorts the table from top to bottom based on the data in the chosen column. To sort the table in reverse order, click the column heading again.

For information on pruning your data, prune history, and Storage Event logs, see Manage your data storage

Understand your data storage