Application Delivery Management

Configure IP address management (IPAM)

NetScaler Console IPAM allows you to auto-assign and release IP addresses in NetScaler Console managed configurations. You can assign IPs from networks or IP ranges defined using the following IP providers:

  • NetScaler Console built-in IPAM provider.
  • Infoblox IPAM solution.

You can use NetScaler Console IPAM in:

  • StyleBooks: Auto-Allocate IPs to virtual servers when you create configurations.
  • API gateway: Auto-allocate an IP address to the API proxy.

You can also track the IP addresses in each network or the IP range managed by NetScaler Console.

Add an external IP address provider

NetScaler Console has a built-in IPAM provider to manage IPs and IP ranges. You can also use an external IP address provider to NetScaler Console.


Before you begin, make sure that the following permissions are enabled in the external IP address provider:

  • Ability to query networks that are present in the provider.
  • Reserve an IP address in the network.
  • Free an IP address from the network.
  • Retrieve the used IP addresses from a network.
  • Retrieve available IP addresses from a network.

Perform the following steps to add an external IPAM provider solution in NetScaler Console:

  1. Navigate to Settings > IPAM.

  2. In Providers, click Add.

  3. Specify the following details to add an IPAM provider:

    • Name - Specify the IP provider name to use in NetScaler Console.

    • Vendor - Select an IPAM vendor from the list.

    • URL - Specify the URL of the IPAM solution that assigns IP addresses in an NetScaler Console environment. Ensure to specify the URL in the following format:

       https://<host name>


    • User Name - Specify the user name to log in to the IPAM solution.

    • Password - Specify the password to log in to the IPAM solution.

  4. Click Add.

Infoblox DDI as an external provider

Currently, NetScaler Console supports Infoblox DDI as an external provider.

You can use NetScaler Console IPAM with the Infoblox provider to do the following actions:

  • List IPAM networks
  • Create, update, and delete IPAM networks
  • Reserve and release an IP address from IPAM networks

Create an IPAM network

To create an NetScaler Console IPAM network using the Infoblox provider, a network with the same CIDR IP range must exist on Infoblox.

When you create an IPAM network within NetScaler Console, you’re only registering the use of Infoblox network within Console. NetScaler Console then works together with Infoblox to manage IP addresses allocated from the network. The InfoBlox network can continue to be used outside of NetScaler Console.

Similarily, If you delete the NetScaler Console IPAM network, NetScaler Console de-registers the Infoblox network. This means that NetScaler Console no longer interacts with Infoblox for IP address management in that network.

Infoblox DDI APIs

NetScaler Console IPAM uses the following Infoblox APIs to perform the respective actions:

  • (/network) - Lists all available Infoblox networks
  • (/network?network={id}) - Retrieves details of a specific Infoblox network
  • (/ipv4address) - Lists all IPs on an Infoblox network
  • (/record:host) - Retrieves details of a specific IP address
  • (/{IP}) - Reserves and frees IPs on an Infoblox network

For more information on the Infoblox APIs, see the Infoblox REST API reference guide available at Infoblox DDI.

Add a network

Add a network to use IPAM with NetScaler Console managed configurations.

  1. Navigate to Settings > IPAM.

  2. Under Networks, click Add.

  3. Specify the following details:

    • Network Name - Specify the network name to identify the network in NetScaler Console.

    • Provider - Select the provider from the list.

      This list displays the providers added in NetScaler Console.

    • Network Type - Select IP range or CIDR from the list based on your requirement.

    • Network Value - Specify the network value.


      NetScaler Console IPAM supports only IPv4 addresses.

      For IP range, specify the network value in the following format:



      For CIDR, specify the network value in the following format:


  4. Click Create.

View allocated IP addresses

To view more details about allocated IP addresses from the IPAM network, do the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > IPAM.

  2. Under the Networks tab, click View All Allocated IPs.

    This pane displays IP address, provider name, provider vendor, and description. It also displays the resource details that reserved this IP address:

    • Module: Displays the NetScaler Console module that reserved the IP address. For example, if StyleBooks reserved the IP address, this column displays StyleBooks as the module.

    • Resource Type: Displays the resource type in that module. For the StyleBooks module, only the configurations resource type uses the IPAM network. So, it displays Configurations under this column.

    • Resource ID: Displays the exact resource ID with a link. Click this link to access the resource that is using the IP address. For the configuration resource type, it displays the config pack ID as the resource ID.


If you want to release the IP address, select the IP address that you want to release and click Release Allocated IPs.

Configure IP address management (IPAM)