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Trace the route to an instance

By tracing the route of a packet from the NetScaler Console to an instance, you can find information such as the number of hops necessary to reach the instance. Traceroute traces the path of the packet from source to destination. It displays the list of network hops along with the host name and IP address of each entity in the route.

Traceroute also records the time taken by a packet to travel from one hop to another. If there is any interruption in the transfer of packets, traceroute shows where the problem exists.

To trace the route of an instance:

  1. In NetScaler Console, navigate to Infrastructure > Instances > NetScaler > VPX tab.

  2. In the list of instances, either right-click an instance and then select TraceRoute or select the instance and from the Select Action menu, click TraceRoute.

The TraceRoute message box shows the route to the instance and the amount of time, in milliseconds, consumed by each hop.

Trace a route

Trace the route to an instance

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