NetScaler Console service

Data retention policy

You can access system events, syslog messages, and network reporting data for a specific duration in NetScaler Console.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Data Storage Management > Data Retention Policy to configure the data retention.

  2. Click the edit button.

  3. Enter the number of days that you want the data to be kept in NetScaler Console for each of the following options :

Options Description
Events Enables you to limit the event messages stored in NetScaler Console up to 40 days. The events are deleted from NetScaler Console after the retention policy is expired. The cleared events are deleted after one day.
Syslog Enables you to limit the amount of syslog data stored in the database up to 180 days.
Network Reporting Enables you to limit the network reporting data stored in NetScaler Console up to 30 days.

Data Retention Policy


You can’t edit the data retention policy with an Express account.

When your account is converted to an Express account, the NetScaler Console retains the storage data up to 500 MB or one day data, whichever is the lesser. For more information, see Manage NetScaler Console resources using Express account.

Data retention policy

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