NetScaler Console service

Install a NetScaler agent on-premises

The agent works as an intermediary between the NetScaler Console and the discovered instances in the data center.

Before you begin installing the agent, ensure that you have the required virtual computing resources that the hypervisor must provide for each agent. For more information, see Agent installation requirements and Lightweight agent for pooled licensing.


For all information related to ports and other requirements, see Supported Ports.

To install the NetScaler agent:

  1. Download the agent image as instructed in Getting Started.

  2. Import the agent image file to your hypervisor.

  3. From the Console tab, configure the initial network configuration options as shown in the following example:



    Ensure that you configure your DNS to allow Internet access to your NetScaler agent.

  4. After completing the initial network configuration, save the configuration settings. When prompted, log on using the default (nsrecover/nsroot) credentials.

    If you want to change the configured network settings on the agent, type the networkconfig command and follow the prompts in the CLI.

    Change configured networking settings

  5. If there is no prompt to enter the Service URL, navigate to /mps in the NetScaler agent and then run any one of the following scripts:
  6. Enter the Service URL and the Activation Code that you saved when you had downloaded the agent image. The agent uses the Service URL to locate the service and the activation code to register with the service.


  7. After agent registration is successful, the agent restarts to complete the installation process.

After the agent has restarted, access the NetScaler Console GUI and navigate to Infrastructure > Instances > Agents to verify the status of the agent. After the agent is configured, you must change the password.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Instances > Agents

  2. Select the agent and from the Select Action list, click Change Password.

    Change password

  3. Enter the current password (nsroot), then specify a new password, and click OK to change the password.

    The password must:

    • Be at least six characters in length

    • Have at least one special character

    • Have at least one upper case character

    • Have at least one lower case character

    • Have at least one numeric character

Install a NetScaler agent on-premises

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