NetScaler Console service

Console on-prem upload

This page is applicable only for NetScaler on-prem users who opted the manual mode to upload their telemetry data to NetScaler Console service. Ensure that you have downloaded the telemetry data from your NetScaler Console on-prem (click Download Telemetry from the NetScaler Telemetry homepage to download the bundle (.tgz) file that comprises the required telemetry data).

To upload your data telemetry in NetScaler Console service:

  1. In NetScaler Console on-prem upload page, click Upload Telemetry and select the downloaded (.tgz) file to complete the upload process.

  2. Complete the first upload within 30 days of selecting manual mode. Repeat the same procedure and upload the telemetry file every 90 days thereafter.


  • The upload fails if the file is not in a valid (.tgz) format or the file does not pass the integrity checks. The recommendation is to download again and retry to upload. If the issue persists, contact Customer Care.

  • You can disable the optional telemetry data. To disable, in NetScaler Console on-prem, you must first disable Security Advisory in the NetScaler Telemetry page, then navigate to Settings > Administration > Enable or disable the Console feature data sharing, and clear the I agree to share Console feature usage data checkbox.

Console on-prem upload

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