NetScaler Console service

Known issues

NetScaler Application Delivery Management (NetScaler Console) has the following known issues:

Management and monitoring

In Infrastructure > SSL Dashboard > Manage Certificate Store, when you click Import NetScaler Certificates, NetScaler Console fails to import NetScaler certificates of PFX format.



  • When you try to install a certificate on a NetScaler BLX instance, the installation fails and the Infrastructure > SSL Dashboard > SSL Audit Logs page displays the following error message:

    SCP: Authentication by password fails on _<ip-address>_.


  • When an event rule is created with some entities selected in Infrastructure > Events > Rules > Create rule > Select Failure Objects, all the selected entities do not get displayed. This issue is seen when there is a large number of virtual servers, services or service groups.

    Workaround: Contact the NetScaler Support team for assistance with this issue.


Known issues