NetScaler Console service

Enable or disable features

As an administrator, you can enable or disable the following features in the Settings > Global Settings > Configurable Features page:

  • Agent failover - The agent failover can occur on a site that has two or more active agents. When an agent becomes inactive (DOWN state) in the site, the NetScaler Console redistributes the NetScaler instances of the inactive agent with other active agents. For more information, see Configure NetScaler agent agents for multisite deployment.

  • Entity polling network function - An entity is either a policy, virtual server, service, or action attached to a NetScaler instance. By default, NetScaler Console automatically polls configured network function entities every 60 minutes. For more information, see Polling overview.

  • Instance backup - Back up the current state of a NetScaler instance and later use the backed-up files to restore the NetScaler instance to the same state. For more information, see Back up and restore NetScaler instances.

  • Instance configuration audit - Monitor configuration changes across managed NetScaler instances, troubleshoot configuration errors, and recover unsaved configurations. For more information, see Create audit templates.

  • Instance events - Events represent occurrences of events or errors on a managed NetScaler instance. Events received in NetScaler Console are displayed on the Events Summary page (Infrastructure > Events). And all active events are displayed in the Event Messages page (Infrastructure > Events > Event Messages). For more information, see Events.

  • Instance network reporting - You can generate reports for instances at a global level. Also, for entities such as the virtual servers and network interfaces. For more information, see Network Reporting.

  • Instance SSL certificates - NetScaler Console provides a centralized view of SSL certificates installed across all managed NetScaler instances. For more information, see SSL Dashboard.

  • Instance Syslog - You can monitor the syslog events generated on your NetScaler instances if you have configured your device to redirect all syslog messages to NetScaler Console. For more information, see Configuring syslog on instances.

To enable a feature, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the feature from the list that you want to enable.

  2. Click Enable.


If a feature is disabled, the user cannot perform the operations associated with that feature.

Enable or disable features

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