NetScaler Console service

Instance settings

You can manage the discovered instances in NetScaler Console and configure the instance backup settings.

Manage the instance configuration

In Settings > Global Settings > Instance Settings > Instance Management, you can modify the following instance configurations:

  • Communication with instance(s) - You can choose an HTTP or HTTPS communication channel between NetScaler Console and the discovered instances.

  • Enable Certificate Download - Allows you to download the SSL certificates from a discovered instance.

  • Prompt Credentials for Instance Login - When you access the instance through the NetScaler Console GUI, the instance login page appears. Specify your login credentials to access an instance.

Configure instance backup settings

In Settings > Global Settings > Instance Settings > Instance Backup, you can configure the backup settings for the discovered NetScaler instances in NetScaler Console.

In Configure Instance Backup Settings, select Enable Instance Backups.

  • Number of Backup Files to retain: Specify the number of backup files to retain in the NetScaler Console. You can retain up to 3 backup files per NetScaler instance. The default is 1 backup file.

  • Backup Scheduling Settings- You can schedule an instance backup in two ways:

    • Interval Based - A backup file is created in NetScaler Console after the specified interval elapses. The default backup interval is 12 hours.

    • Time Based - Specify the time in hours:minutes format at which you want NetScaler Console to take the instance backup.

  • NetScaler settings - With this option, you can initiate a backup based on the trap and to include GeoDB files with the backup. This setting applies to MPX,VPX,CPX, and BLX instances.

    • Do instance backup when NetScalerConfigSave trap is received - By default, NetScaler Console does not create a backup file when it receives the “NetScalerConfigSave” trap. But, you can enable the option to create a backup file whenever a NetScaler instance sends a NetScalerConfigSave trap to NetScaler Console.

      A NetScaler instance sends NetScalerConfigSave every time the configuration on the instance is saved.

      Specify Backup on trap delay in minutes. If the received NetScalerConfigSave trap persists for the specified minutes on NetScaler Console, NetScaler Console backs up the instance.

    • Include GeoDB files - By default, NetScaler Console does not back up the GeoDatabase files. You can enable the option to create a backup of these files also.

  • NetScaler SDX Settings - To back up SDX instances, specify Backup Timeout in minutes. During an SDX instance backup, the connection between NetScaler Console and SDX is maintained for the specified period.

    For large SDX backup files, maintain the connection between NetScaler Console and SDX instance for a longer period to ensure backup completion.


    The backup fails if the connection times out.

  • External Transfer - NetScaler Console allows you to transfer the NetScaler instance backup files to an external location:

    1. Specify the IP address of the location.

    2. Specify the user name and the password of the external server to which you want to transfer the backup files.

    3. Specify the transfer protocol and the port number.

    4. Specify the directory path where the file must be stored.

    5. If you want to delete the backup file after you transfer the file to an external server, select Delete file from Application Delivery Management after transfer.

Instance settings