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How to generate a technical support bundle for a NetScaler instance

For help with analyzing and resolving any issues with a NetScaler instance, you can generate a technical support bundle on the instance and send the bundle to Citrix technical support. The technical support bundle is a zipped tar archive of system configuration data and statistics. The technical support bundle collects the following data from the NetScaler instance on which you generate the bundle:

  • Configuration files. All files in the /flash/nsconfig directory.
  • newnslog files. The currently running newnslog and some previous files. To minimize the archive file size, the newnslog collection is restricted to 500 MB, 6 files, or 7 days, whichever occurs first. If older data is needed, it might require manual collection.
  • Log files. Files in /var/log/messages, /var/log/ns.log, and other files under /var/log and /var/nslog.
  • Application core files. Files created in the /var/core directory within the last week, if any.
  • Output of some CLI show commands.
  • Output of some CLI stat commands.
  • Output of BSD shell commands.

You can also securely upload the technical support bundle to the Citrix technical support server. Starting from NetScaler 14.1 release 8.x build, you must generate an authentication token before you upload the technical support bundle. In the previous builds, you can upload the technical support bundle using Citrix username and password.

To generate the authentication token:

  1. Launch a browser and enter the following URL -
  2. Log in using multifactor authentication.


    For information on how to enroll for multifactor authentication, see How to Enroll into multifactor authentication (MFA).

  3. Click Copy to copy the authentication token displayed on the screen. The token is valid for 3600 seconds (1 hour). The maximum allowed length for the token is 1023 characters.

After copying the authentication token, use the GUI to upload the file.

To upload the technical support bundle using the GUI:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Instances > NetScaler.
  2. Select a NetScaler instance.
  3. Select Generate Technical Support File from Select Actions.
  4. Click Generate Technical Support File.
  5. Use the Scope option to specify if you want to gather data on the present node, all cluster nodes, or for the specified partitions.
  6. Select Upload the Collector Archive.
  7. In the My Citrix Account section, enter the authentication token in the Citrix Authentication Token field.
  8. Click Create Technical Support.
How to generate a technical support bundle for a NetScaler instance

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