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Data storage management

It’s important to know which features are used in NetScaler Console and the data usage of each of these features. The Data Storage Management dashboard serves this purpose and functions as your visualization tool, enabling you to understand the total data stored in the NetScaler Console database across various features. The dashboard also indicates whether the consumed storage is within the specified limits or if it’s more than the entitled storage.

As an admin, you can do the following tasks in the Data Storage Management dashboard:

  • View the data storage consumption for the last 30 days - Data storage trends are stored in the NetScaler Console database for the last 30 days. These trends are available in graphical or tabular form. These trends show how much data has come in and how much data is stored after the scheduled pruning cycles in NetScaler Console.
  • View data ingestion status - The data ingestion activity occurs as long as the consumed storage is within the limits of the entitled storage. When the consumed storage is more than the entitled storage, the data activity is paused.
  • Send notifications - You can set notifications to be sent when consumed storage reaches 75% or 100% of the entitled storage, allowing users to manage their storage.
  • Flexibility to manage data storage space - You can create more space within the stored data by pruning data that you consider suitable for removal or reduction.

Navigate to Settings > Data Storage Management to view your data storage dashboard.

The following sections outline how to use the Data Storage Management dashboard for effective data storage management:

  • Understand your data storage - This section helps you understand how you can use the dashboard to view information about your data storage.

  • Manage your data storage - This section provides information on what actions you can take in the dashboard to manage your data storage.

Data storage management

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