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NetScaler telemetry program

The NetScaler telemetry program is a required data collection program that enables the upload of required license and feature usage data necessary for customers to remain compliant with their maintenance and support license obligations. Citrix collects basic license telemetry data and NetScaler deployment and feature usage telemetry data for its legitimate interests, including license compliance. NetScaler Console configuration and feature usage data is also collected to manage, measure and improve Citrix products and services. The NetScaler Telemetry program is enabled automatically starting from 14.1-28.x build.


  • The telemetry upload happens every 24 hours automatically.

  • The following configuration is pushed automatically to your NetScaler instances through NetScaler Console:

set analytics profile ns_analytics_time_series_profile -type timeseries -outputMode avro -events ENABLED
add analytics profile telemetry_metrics_profile -type timeseries -outputMode prometheus -metrics ENABLED -serveMode Pull -schemaFile "./telemetry_collect_ns_metrics_schema.json" -metricsExportFrequency 300veMode Pull -schemaFile "./telemetry_collect_ns_metrics_schema.json" -metricsExportFrequency 300

This configuration collects and stores the telemetry metrics in your NetScaler instances. This does not enable analytics or appflow in your NetScaler instances.

  • Some telemetry parameters are collected through scripts that are pushed from NetScaler Console to NetScaler instances.

The following table provides the parameter details that are collected as part of NetScaler Telemetry program:

Categories Description What do we use it for
License, and NetScaler deployment and usage telemetry Information about license entitlement, allocation, usage, and high-level NetScaler deployment data, and NetScaler feature usage. License compliance and to manage, measure, and improve the service.
NetScaler Console deployment and feature usage telemetry Information about Console deployment and feature usage. To manage, measure, and improve the service.

For more information about the list of telemetry parameters, see Data governance.

NetScaler telemetry program

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