NetScaler Console service

Setting up

After your initial setup is complete, you have to configure certain settings to start managing your deployment completely.

  • Adding multiple agents. The number of agents to be installed depends on the number of managed instances in a data center or cloud and the total throughput. Citrix recommends that you install at least one agent for every data center.

  • Adding instances. You can add instances either while setting up the NetScaler Console for the first time or at a later time. You have to add instances to the service to start managing and monitoring them. After you install multiple agents, you have to add instances and associate them with the agents.

  • Enabling Analytics. To view analytics data for your application traffic flow, you must enable the Analytics feature on the virtual servers that receive traffic for the specific applications.

  • Configuring syslog on instances. You can monitor the syslog events generated on your NetScaler instances if you have configured your device to redirect all syslog messages to NetScaler Console. To monitor syslog events, you need to first configure NetScaler Console as the syslog server for your NetScaler instance.

  • Configuring role-based access control. NetScaler Console provides fine-grained, role based access control (RBAC) with which you can grant access permissions based on the roles of individual users within your enterprise.

  • Configuring Analytics settings. You can configure certain settings to ensure optimal experience with the Analytics feature. For example, you can specify the duration you want to store historical analytics data, and you can also set thresholds and alerts to monitor the desired analytics metrics.

Setting up

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