NetScaler Application Delivery Management service

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities for CVE-2022-27509

In the NetScaler ADM security advisory dashboard, under Current CVEs <number of> ADC instances are impacted by CVEs, you can see all the instances vulnerable due to CVE-2022-27509. To check the details of the instances impacted by the CVEs, select CVE-2022-27509 and click View Affected Instances.

Security advisory dashboard for CVE-2022-27509


To understand the reason for ADC vulnerability, download the CSV report in Scan logs tab in Security Advisory.

The <number of> ADC instances impacted by CVEs window appears. In the following screen capture, you can see the count and details of the ADC instances impacted by CVE-2022-27509.

Instances impacted by CVE-2022-27509

For more information about the security advisory dashboard see, Security Advisory.


It might take a couple of hours for the security advisory system scan to conclude and reflect the impact of CVE-2022-27509 in the security advisory module. To see the impact sooner, start an on-demand scan by clicking Scan-Now.

Identify CVE-2022-27509 impacted instances

CVE-2022-27509 requires a combination of custom scan and version scan. As part of the custom scan, ADM service connects with the managed ADC instance and pushes a script to the instance. The script runs on the ADC instance and determines if the instance is vulnerable. This script runs every time your scheduled or on-demand scan runs.

After the scan is completed, the script is deleted from the ADC instance.

You can also opt out of these Security Advisory Custom scans. For more information on Custom Scan Settings and opting out of custom scans, see the Configure Custom Scan settings section on the Security Advisory page.

Remediate CVE-2022-27509

For CVE-2022-27509 impacted ADC instances, the remediation is a single step process and you need to upgrade the vulnerable ADC instances to a release and build that has the fix. In the GUI, under Current CVEs > ADC instances are impacted by CVEs, you can see the step to remediate.

Under Current CVEs> ADC instances impacted by CVEs, you see the following workflow for this single step remediation process, which is Proceed to upgrade workflow.

To upgrade the vulnerable instances, select the instances and click Proceed to upgrade workflow. The upgrade workflow opens with the vulnerable ADC instances already populated.


If your vulnerable ADC instance(s) have the /etc/httpd.conf file copied to the /nsconfig directory, see Upgrade considerations for customized ADC configurations before planning ADC upgrade.

For more information on how to use NetScaler ADM to upgrade ADC instances, see Create an ADC upgrade job.

Remediation workflow

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities for CVE-2022-27509