NetScaler Console service

Adding multiple agents

The number of agents to be installed depends on the number of managed instances in a data center and the total throughput. Citrix recommends that you install at least one agent for every data center.

You can install only one agent when you log on to the service for the first time. To add multiple agents, first complete the initial setup, and then navigate to Infrastructure > Instances > Agents and click Set Up Agent.

Set up an agent

Download the image for the required hypervisor and install the agent by following the instructions in Getting Started. Make sure you copy the service URL and the activation code displayed on the screen because you have to enter the service URL and the activation code while installing the agent on your hypervisor. The agent uses the service URL to locate the service and the activation code to register with the service.

You can use the same image to install multiple agents in your hypervisor. However, you cannot use the same activation code on multiple agents. After you install one agent, generate the activation code again for the next agent. You can generate a new activation code by navigating to Infrastructure > Instances > Agents, click Generate Activation Code.

Generate activation code

After the agent is successfully installed and registered, verify the agent status on the service GUI and add instances to it.


You can also install an agent on Microsoft Azure cloud or AWS cloud. The agent image is available on the respective cloud marketplace.

Adding multiple agents

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