NetScaler Application Delivery Management service

Integration with the ServiceNow instance

As a NetScaler administrator, you might use ServiceNow as the primary IT request and support system. You need to raise tickets or incidents for the critical ADC events to investigate, track, and troubleshoot them.

You can automate the ticket creation in ServiceNow using NetScaler ADM and Citrix ITSM connector for ServiceNow. To start this automation, onboard Citrix ITSM adapter service to receive ADM events and create relevant incidents in ServiceNow. For more information about preparation and integration steps, see Get started in Citrix ITSM Adapter Service.

After the successful integration, configure auto-generate ServiceNow incidents in NetScaler ADM. Follow the steps to verify whether ServiceNow tickets are getting auto generated.

  1. Log in to NetScaler ADM.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Notifications and select ServiceNow.

  3. Select the ServiceNow profile from the list.

  4. Click Test to auto-generate a ServiceNow ticket and verify the configuration.

    if you want to view ServiceNow tickets in the NetScaler ADM GUI, select ServiceNow Tickets.

    Test whether ServiceNow tickets are auto generated in ADM

When you integrate NetScaler ADM with ServiceNow, you can automate the generation of ServiceNow incidents for the following:

  • Any NetScaler events
  • SSL Certificates that are about to expire
  • The ADM license expiry events

And, you can also customize ADM event policies.

Generate ServiceNow incidents for any NetScaler events

In NetScaler ADM, you can configure rules to automatically raise a ticket in ServiceNow for specific events. NetScaler ADM auto generates a ServiceNow ticket for events like:

  • Virtual servers go down or out of service.
  • Resource consumption crosses the threshold value.
  • License expires on an ADC instance.

The auto generated ticket in ServiceNow has the required details to track and troubleshoot the issue. You can manage the notifications across one or more network devices from a single ServiceNow console. Then, assign to the administrator for further analysis.

You can create an event rule on the NetScaler ADM by navigating to Infrastructure > Events > Rules. For more information, see Send ServiceNow notifications.

Generate ServiceNow incidents for SSL certificates that are about to expire

When an SSL certificate on ADC instances is about to expire, NetScaler ADM auto generates a ServiceNow ticket. This way you can check the upcoming SSL certificate expiry tickets in advance on your ServiceNow dashboard.

To send ServiceNow notifications for an SSL certificate expiry, see SSL certificate expiry.

Generate ServiceNow incidents for ADM license expiry

In NetScaler ADM, you can configure the rules to automatically raise a ticket in ServiceNow for specific ADM license expiry events.

To send ServiceNow notifications for an ADM license expiry, see ADM license expiry.

Customize ADM event policies

You can define policies to control how ServiceNow processes the ADM events based on event attributes. Set the ADM event policies in the Citrix ITSM connector. You can decide how an incident must be generated, processed, and reported in ADM. Then, do the following actions through ITSM:

  • Ignore incidents
  • Display incidents on the dashboard
  • Create incidents

For more information, see Customize ADM event policies.

Integration with the ServiceNow instance