Import NetScaler hybrid-mode device package into Cisco APIC

The Hybrid Mode device package is a lightweight package compared to a fully managed mode. Only L2-L3 network parameters are available through the Device Model. The Device Model has only one generic ADC function defined in it, and four function profiles based on the NetScaler deployment in the fabric (for example, one-arm and two-arm and the same with RHI). The Hybrid Mode Device package name is NetScaler Hybrid Mode Device package 12.0 Build 56.20.  Search for the Hybrid Mode device package in the NetScaler site, download it, and import the device package to the APIC.


The hybrid mode device package can co-exist with a fully managed mode device package.

To import the hybrid mode device package to the APIC by using the APIC GUI:

  1. On the menu bar, click the L4-L7 Services tab and select the Packages panel.

  2. In the Navigation pane, right-click on L4-L7 Device Types and select Import Device Package.

  3. In the Import Device Package dialog box, click Browse to select the downloaded NetScaler hybrid mode device package.

  4. Click Submit.
    After successfully importing the device package to the APIC, in the Navigation pane, you can view the details of the device package by clicking the device name.



    After you import the device package, make sure that there are no faults in the APIC. You can view the faults by clicking the Faults tab in the Device Types window.

Import NetScaler hybrid-mode device package into Cisco APIC

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