NetScaler Console service

View HDX Insight reports and metrics

HDX insight provides complete visibility of the reports and metrics pertaining to HDX traffic on your NetScaler instances.

You can view the HDX metrics for any selected entity. The views include the following categories of entities:

  • Users: Displays the reports for all the users accessing the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops within the selected time interval.
  • Applications: Displays the reports for total number of applications, and all related relevant information like the total number of times the applications were launched within the specified time interval.
  • Instances: Displays the reports on the NetScaler instances that act as gateways for incoming traffic.
  • Desktops: Displays the reports for the desktops used in the selected time frame.
  • Licenses: Displays the reports for total SSL VPN licenses used within the specified time slot.

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View HDX Insight reports and metrics

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