NetScaler Application Delivery Management service

Manage resources using Express account

NetScaler ADM Express account is a default account to manage NetScaler ADM resources. This account is readily available on Citrix Cloud.

With this account, you can manage up to two virtual servers in NetScaler ADM. However, you can monitor all discovered virtual servers in Network Reporting and Network Functions.

To manage the specific virtual servers with an Express account, you must select the required virtual servers during the grace period. Otherwise, NetScaler ADM auto-selects the virtual servers which you can manage with the Express account.


  • When your account is converted to an Express account, the NetScaler ADM retains the storage data up to 500 MB or one day data, whichever is the lesser.

  • If your NetScaler ADM Express account remains inactive for 45 days, the account will be deleted. Citrix sends a reminder after 30 days of inactivity.

To manage the NetScaler ADM resources:

  1. Log on to Citrix Cloud with your credentials.

  2. Click Manage on the NetScaler ADM tile.

After your NetScaler ADM subscription license and grace period ends, your account is converted to an Express account unless you renew your license. The Express account helps you continue your business using NetScaler ADM. To renew your license, you can do one of the following:

When you renew your license, the configurations are retained from your Express account. And, you receive extra virtual servers depending on your license. For more information, see Differences between Express and Advance entitlements.

Buy ADM licenses

You can use the ADM GUI to buy ADM virtual server licenses from Microsoft Azure cloud. Select Buy ADM License from the navigation menu. Alternatively, you can navigate to Settings > Licensing & Analytics.

  1. Select Buy ADM License.

  2. Select Microsoft Azure to buy licenses from Azure Marketplace.

    The ADM license image opens in the Azure Marketplace.

  3. Review the options and select the suitable ADM service virtual server license.

  4. Allocate the licenses to your virtual servers in ADM.

  5. Complete your purchase in the Azure Marketplace and return to the ADM GUI.

Manage resources using Express account