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Configuring agent upgrade settings

In NetScaler Console, agents running on software version 12.0 build 507.110 and later are automatically upgraded to newer and recommended versions by NetScaler Console. The agent is upgraded either when a new version is available or at a time specified by you.

You can view the current version and the recommended version of your agents by navigating to Infrastructure > Instances > Agents.

By default, an agent is upgraded automatically when a newer version is available. However, you can schedule an upgrade for each of the agents.

During the upgrade, there might be a downtime of approximately five minutes.

To configure agent upgrade settings:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Instances > Agents, click Settings.

    Agent upgrade settings

  2. Specify when you want the upgrade to start for each of the agent.

    You can use one of the following options to upgrade the agent:

    • Automated upgrade - Choose Auto-Upgrade for the agent to be upgraded when a new agent image is available. If you do not enter a value, Auto-Upgrade is selected by default.
    • Set a specific time: Enter the time (in hh:mm format) and select the time zone when you want NetScaler Console to automatically upgrade the agent.

    Save settings

    You can click Copy to All to apply the same upgrade time to all the agents.

  3. Click Save.

    These settings persist for future agent upgrades until you change the settings.

Configuring agent upgrade settings

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