Bot Management

  1. What is NetScaler bot management?

    NetScaler bot management detects and distinguishes traffic from good bots, bad bots, and human clients. The bot management functionality protects your web applications from bad bots by applying a configured action on incoming requests.

  2. Why NetScaler must manage bots for your web application?

    Malicious bots constitute 30% of your internet traffic. Malicious bots impact web applications in various ways such as initiating a DoS attack, spamming email addresses, slowing down the application using downloader programs, downloading the content from websites and so forth. In addition, bots can easily bypass some of the well known detection mechanisms leading to loss of data, revenue, and reputation to your organization.

  3. What are the techniques used for detecting an incoming bot?

    The appliance uses detection techniques such as IP reputation, rate limiting, device fingerprinting, TPS, and Bot trap detection techniques. In addition, you can configure a customized block list on the NetScaler GUI to categorize organization specific bad bots.

  4. What is a bot signature file and its purpose?

    The bot signature file contains the footprint of known good and bad bots. The signature file is updated periodically to include the latest bot signatures for better bot protection.

  5. What type of NetScaler license must I purchase?

    Bot management is available with the ADC Premium license.

  6. Where can I find bot logs for troubleshooting?

    NetScaler audit logs provide detected bot details. For more information, see Audit Logging topic.

  7. Is there an auto update functionality for the bot signature files?

    Yes, NetScaler bot management supports auto update functionality.

  8. Is there a pre-requisite for using the bot IP reputation technique?

    Enable the IP reputation feature before enabling and configuring the IP reputation in the bot profile.

Bot Management

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