Expressions reference-advanced policy expressions


Q and S prefixes are deprecated from Citrix ADC 12.0 build 56.20 onwards and are no longer >supported in Advanced policy expressions.

The SYS.EVAL_CLASSIC_EXPR expression is deprecated from NetScaler 12.0 build 56.20 onwards >and as an alternative, Citrix recommends you to use the Advanced policy expressions. However, >the expression is removed and no longer available on the Citrix ADC appliance release 13.1 >onwards.

The following table is a listing of default syntax expression prefixes, with cross-references to descriptions of these prefixes and the operators that you can specify for them. Note that some prefixes can work with multiple types of operators. For example, a cookie can be parsed by using operators for text or operators for HTTP headers.

You can use any element in the following tables as a complete expression on its own, or you can use various operators to combine these expression elements with others to form more complex expressions.

Note: The Description column in the following table contains cross-references to additional information about prefix usage and applicable operators for the prefix.

For more information, refer Expression PDF to view the table.

Expressions reference-advanced policy expressions