Configuring a Stream Selector

A traffic stream selector is an optional filter for identifying an entity for which you want to throttle access. The selector is applied to a request or a response and selects data points (keys ) that can be analyzed by a rate stream identifier. These data points can be based on almost any characteristic of the traffic, including IP addresses, subnets, domain names, TCP or UDP identifiers, and particular strings or extensions in URLs.

A stream selector consists of individual default syntax expressions called selectlets. Each selectlet is a non-compound default syntax expression. A traffic stream selector can contain up to five non-compound expressions called selectlets. Each selectlet is considered to be in an AND relationship with the other expressions. Following are some examples of selectlets:


The order in which you specify parameters is significant. For example, if you configure an IP address and a domain (in that order) in one selector, and then specify the domain and the IP address (in the reverse order) in another selector, the Citrix ADC considers these values to be unique. This can lead to the same transaction being counted twice. Also, if multiple policies invoke the same selector, the Citrix ADC, again, can count the same transaction more than once.

Note: If you modify an expression in a stream selector, you may get an error if any policy that invokes it is bound to a new policy label or bind point. For example, suppose that you create a stream selector named myStreamSelector1, invoke it from myLimitID1, and invoke the identifier from a DNS policy named dnsRateLimit1. If you change the expression in myStreamSelector1, you might receive an error when binding dnsRateLimit1 to a new bind point. The workaround is to modify these expressions before creating the policies that invoke them.

To configure a traffic stream selector by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type:

add stream selector <name> <rule> ...


add stream selector myStreamSel HTTP.REQ.URL CLIENT.IP.SRC

To configure a stream selector by using the configuration utility

Navigate to AppExpert > Rate Limiting > Selectors, click Add and specify the relevant details.

Configuring a Stream Selector