Operations supported on individual cluster nodes

As a rule, Citrix ADC appliances that are a part of a cluster cannot be individually configured from their NSIP address. However, there are some operations that are an exception to this rule. These operations, when run from the NSIP address, are not propagated to other cluster nodes.

The operations are:

  • cluster instance (set rm enable disable)
  • cluster node (set rm)
  • ns trace (start show stop)
  • interface (set enable disable)
  • route (add rm set unset)
  • ARP (add rm send -all)
  • force cluster sync
  • sync cluster files
  • disable NTP sync
  • save ns config
  • reboot
  • shutdown

For example, when you run the command disable interface 1/1/1 from the NSIP address of a cluster node, the interface is disabled only on that node. Since the command is not propagated, the interface 1/1/1 remains enabled on all the other cluster nodes.

Operations supported on individual cluster nodes