Configuring linksets

Linkset is a group of interfaces of cluster nodes that belong to the same broadcast domain. In linksets, each node has the information about which interfaces of other nodes are connected to the same broadcast domain.


Linksets are a mandatory configuration in the following scenarios:

  • For deployments that require MAC-Based Forwarding (MBF).
  • For “-m MAC” mode that is enabled at the virtual server along with MBF mode enabled globally.
  • To improve the manageability of ACL and L2 policies involving interfaces. You define a linkset of the interfaces and add ACL and L2 policies based on linksets.

In a cluster setup, the following features use MBF internally.

  • Forwarding session
  • L2Conn
  • MAC mode virtual server
  • Transparent monitor
  • LLB

Linksets must be configured only through the cluster IP address.

Consider an example with a three node cluster. In the following figure, the interfaces 0/1/2, 1/1/2, and 2/1/2 are in the same broadcast domain and therefore can be configured as linkset (LS/1).

Figure 1. Linksets topology

Linkset topology

Figure 2. Traffic distribution flow using linksets

Linkset flowchart

To configure a linkset by using the CLI

  1. Log on to the cluster IP address.

  2. Create a linkset.

    ```add linkset

    ```add linkset LS/1<!--NeedCopy-->
  3. Bind the required interfaces to the linkset. Make sure the interfaces are not used for the cluster backplane.

    ```bind linkset -ifnum ...

    ```bind linkset LS/1 -ifnum 0/1/2 1/1/2 2/1/2<!--NeedCopy-->
  4. Verify the linkset configurations.

    ```show linkset

    ```show linkset LS/1<!--NeedCopy-->


    You can bind the linkset to a VLAN by using the bind vlan command. The interfaces of the linkset are automatically bound to the VLAN.

To configure a linkset by using the GUI

  1. Log on to the cluster IP address.
  2. Navigate to System > Network > Linksets.
  3. In the details pane, click Add.
  4. In the Create Linkset dialog box:
    • Specify the name of the linkset by setting the Linkset parameter.
    • Specify the Interfaces to be added to the linkset and click Add. Repeat this step for each interface you want to add to the linkset.
  5. Click Create, and then click Close.
Configuring linksets