Create NAPTR records for telecommunications domain

NAPTR (Naming Address Pointer) is one of the most commonly used DNS records in the telecommunications domain. NAPTR records map the Internet telephony address space to the Internet address space. They therefore enable a mobile device to send a request to the correct server. The combination of NAPTR records with Service Records (SRV) allows the chaining of multiple records to form complex rewrite rules that produce new domain labels or uniform resource identifiers (URIs). The DNS code for NAPTR is 35.

Citrix ADCs support NAPTR in two modes: ADNS mode and proxy mode. In proxy mode, the ADC caches the response from the servers and uses the cached records to server future queries. A maximum of 20 NAPTR records can be added for a particular domain in Citrix ADC. Citrix ADC caches the reply to a DNS NAPTR record query. Any subsequent requests for the NAPTR record are served from the cache.

Create a NAPTR record by using CLI

At the command prompt, type the following commands to add a NAPTR record and verify the configuration:

add dns naptrRec <order> <preference>[flags<string>][services<string>](regexp<expressions>|-replacement<string>)[-TTL<secs>]

Remove a NAPTR record by using CLU

rm dns naptrRec<domain> (<order> <preference> [-flags <string>] [-services <string>] (-regexp <expression> | -replacement <string>) ) | -recordId <positive_integer>@)

Configure a NAPTR record using GUI

Navigate to Traffic Management > DNS > Records > NAPTR Records and create an NAPTR record.

Create NAPTR records for telecommunications domain