• When I use Firefox to compare two Citrix ADC configurations, the browser seems to freeze?

    Firefox eventually displays the difference in the configurations, but the process takes a considerable amount of time if there are more than 1000 differences. Use Chrome for a faster response.

  • I am using a MAC Safari browser to upgrade a Citrix ADC. On the upgrade wizard, when I click the Browse button to choose the build file from the appliance, the dialog box does not show any files or folders. Also, when I navigate back to the root folder, the dialog box displays the top level folder, but I cannot browse it. What should I do?

    On the Safari browser, click the Settings icon and navigate to Preferences > Security > Manage Website Settings > Java. Change the value of the When visiting other websites setting to Run in unsafe mode.

  • What should I do before accessing the GUI?

    Before accessing a new version of the Citrix ADC software:

    • Clear browser cache including cookies.
    • Access GUI in browser incognito mode.
    • Access GUI in some other browser.
    • Clear the Use software acceleration option in setting and restart the browser.
    • Access chrome: extensions, clear the Enable box and restart the Chrome browser.
  • Which port should I open to access GUI using HTTP or HTTPS?

    The following lists the default port numbers for HTTP and HTTPS management services (GUI) in the Citrix ADC MPX, VPX, and CPX appliances:

    • Citrix ADC MPX and VPX appliances: 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS)
    • Citrix ADC CPX appliances: 9080 (HTTP) and 9443 (HTTPS)

    Also, you can configure ports for HTTP and HTTPS management services (GUI) other than port 80 and 443. For more information, see Configure HTTP and HTTPS management ports.

  • With which browsers is the GUI compatible for different operating systems?

    The following table lists the compatible browsers for NetScaler GUI version 12.0, 12.1, and 13.0:

    Operating System Browser Versions
    Windows 7 and later Internet Explorer 11, Edge, and later
    Windows 7 and later Mozilla Firefox 45 and later
    Windows 7 and later Chrome 60 and later
    MAC Mozilla Firefox 45 and later
    MAC Safari 10.1.1 and later