LDAP service monitoring

The Citrix ADC appliance has one built-in monitor that can be used to monitor LDAP services: the LDAP monitor. It periodically checks the LDAP service to which it is bound by authenticating and sending a search query to it. If the search is successful, the service is marked UP. If the LDAP server does not locate the entry, a failure message is sent to the LDAP monitor, and the service is marked DOWN.

Configure the LDAP monitor to define the search that it must perform when sending a query. You can use the Base DN parameter to specify a location in the directory hierarchy where the LDAP server must start the test query. You can use the Attribute parameter to specify an attribute of the target entity.

Note: Monitor probes originate from the NSIP address.

Parameter Specifies
baseDN Base name for the LDAP monitor from where the LDAP search must start. If the LDAP server is running locally, the default value of base is dc=netscaler, dc=com.
bindDN BDN name for the LDAP monitor.
filter Filter for the LDAP monitor. Use the filter parameter in a query to limit the number of results. If you do not specify this parameter in the query, the filter applies for the entire object class, which might be a costly operation, such as a high CPU usage.
password Password used in monitoring LDAP servers.
attribute Attribute for the LDAP monitor.

To configure the built-in LDAP monitor, see Configuring Monitors in a Load Balancing Setup.

LDAP service monitoring