MySQL service monitoring

The Citrix ADC appliance has one built-in monitor that can be used to monitor MySQL services: the MySQL monitor. It periodically checks the MySQL service to which it is bound by sending a search query to it. If the search is successful, the service is marked UP. If the MySQL server does not respond or the search fails, a failure message is sent to the MySQL monitor, and the service is marked DOWN.

Note: Monitor probes originate from the NSIP address.

Parameter Specifies
database Database that is used for the MySQL monitor.
sqlQuery SQL query that is used for the MySQL monitor.

To configure a built-in MySQL monitor, see Configuring Monitors in a Load Balancing Setup.

To configure MySQL monitors by using CLI

Type the following command:

add lb monitor <monitorName> <type> -scriptName <string> -scriptArgs <string>


add lb monitor mysql1 USER -scriptName -scriptArgs "database=cloud;user=cloud;password=password;query=show tables from cloud"
MySQL service monitoring