Configure HTTP-inline monitors

Inline monitors analyze and probe the responses from the services to which they are bound only when those services receive client requests. The inline monitor is of type HTTP-INLINE and can only be configured with HTTP and HTTPS services. An inline monitor determines that the service to which it is bound is UP by checking its responses to the requests that are sent to it. When no client requests are sent to the service, the inline monitor probes the service by using the configured URL.

Note: Inline monitors cannot be bound to HTTP or HTTPS Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) remote or local services because these services represent virtual servers rather than actual load balanced Web servers.

Inline monitors have a time-out value and a retry count when probes fail. You can select any of the following action types for the Citrix ADC appliance to take when a failure occurs:

  • NONE. No explicit action is taken. You can view the service and monitor, and the monitor indicates the number of current contiguous error responses and cumulative responses checked.
  • LOG. Logs the event in ns/syslog and displays the counters.
  • DOWN. Marks the service down and does not direct any traffic to the service. This setting breaks any persistent connections to the service. This action also logs the event and displays counters.

After the service is down, the service remains DOWN for the configured downtime. After the downtime elapses, the inline monitor uses the configured URL to probe the service to see if it is available again. If the probe succeeds, the state of the service is changed to UP. Traffic is directed to the service, and monitoring resumes as before.

To configure inline monitors, see Configuring Monitors in a Load Balancing Setup.

To configure HTTP-inline monitors by using CLI

Type the following command:

add lb monitor <monitorName> <type> -respCode <int[-int]> -httpRequest <string> -resptimeout <integer> [<units>] -retries <integer> -downTime <integer> [<units>] -action <action>


add lb monitor http_inline HTTP-INLINE -respCode 200 304 -httpRequest "HEAD /var/static/empty.htm" -resptimeout 4 -retries 1 -downTime 2 -action NONE
Configure HTTP-inline monitors