Use case 8: Configure load balancing in one-arm mode

In a one-arm setup, you connect the Citrix ADC appliance to the network through a single VLAN. The appliance receives the request from the client on a single VLAN and it sends the request to the server on the same VLAN. This is one of the simplest deployment scenarios, where the router, the servers and the appliance are all connected to the same switch. Client requests at the switch are forwarded to the appliance, and the appliance uses the configured load balancing method to select the service.

Figure 1. Load balancing in one-arm mode

Load balancing in one-arm mode

In the example scenario, the services Service-ANY-1, Service-ANY-2, and Service-ANY-3 are created and bound to the virtual server Vserver-LB-1. The virtual server load balances the client request to a service. The following table lists the names and values of the entities configured on the appliance in one-arm mode.

Entity type Name IP address Protocol
Virtual server Vserver-LB-1 ANY
Services Service-ANY-1 ANY
  Service-ANY-2 ANY
  Service-ANY-3 ANY
Monitors TCP None None

To configure a load balancing setup in one-arm mode, see Setting Up Basic Load Balancing.

Use case 8: Configure load balancing in one-arm mode