The Citrix ADC optimization features reduce transaction times between the clients and the servers, and they reduce bandwidth consumption. They also enhance server performance by offloading some tasks and making others more efficient.

Feature Description
Client Keep-Alive Handles multiple requests on a single client connection. The client does not have to negotiate a new connection for each request to the server.
HTTP Compression Compresses HTTP responses sent from the servers to compression-aware browsers. The smaller responses reduce download time and save bandwidth.
Integrated Caching Stores responses to client requests. Subsequent requests for the same content are served from the Citrix ADC cache instead of being forwarded to the origin server.
Front End Optimization Reduces the load and render time of web pages by simplifying and optimizing the content served to the client browser. Note: Supported from NetScaler 10.5 onwards.
SPDY (Speedy) Acts as a SPDY gateway between clients and your servers, providing SPDY support without the need to configure/upgrade SPDY on the servers. Note: Supported from NetScaler 10.1 onwards.