Generate a server test certificate

The Citrix ADC appliance allows you to create a test certificate for server authentication by using a GUI wizard in the configuration utility. A server certificate is used to authenticate and identify a server in an SSL handshake. Typically, a trusted CA issues a server certificate. The server sends the certificate to a client who uses it to authenticate the server.

For issuing a server test certificate, the appliance operates as a certificate authority. This certificate can be bound to an SSL virtual server for authentication in an SSL handshake with a client. This certificate is for testing purposes only. Do not use in a production environment.

You can install the server test certificate on any virtual server that uses the SSL or the SSL_TCP protocol.

Generate a server test certificate by using the GUI

  1. Navigate to Traffic Management > SSL and, in the SSL Certificates group, select Create and Install a Server Test Certificate.

    Create and install a server test certificate

  2. Enter details for the parameters and click Create.

    Create and install server test certificate

Generate a server test certificate