Sample commands with their outputs:

Run the script

     root@ns# pwd
    root@ns# sh safenet_config

Create a certificate

    root@ns# cd /var/safenet/safenet/lunaclient/bin
    root@ns# ./vtl createcert -n
    Private Key created and written to: /var/safenet/safenet/lunaclient/cert/client/
    Certificate created and written to: /var/safenet/safenet/lunaclient/cert/client/

Copy the certificate to the HSM

    root@ns# scp /var/safenet/safenet/lunaclient/cert/client/ admin@
    admin@'s password:          100%  818     0.8KB/s   00:00

Copy the certificate and key from the HSM to the NetScaler appliance

    root@ns# scp admin@ /var/Thales Luna/safenet/lunaclient/server.2.7.pem
    admin@'s password:

    server.pem            100% 1164     1.1KB/s   00:01

Use SSH to connect to the Thales Luna HSM

    ssh admin@
    Connecting to
    Connection established.
    To escape to local shell, press 'Ctrl+Alt+]'.

    Last login: Thu Jun 23 02:20:29 2016 from

    Luna SA 5.2.3-1 Command Line Shell - Copyright (c) 2001-2014 SafeNet, Inc. All rights reserved.

    [Safenet1] lunash:>hsm login

      Please enter the HSM Administrators' password:
      > *******

    'hsm login' successful.

    Command Result : 0 (Success)
    [Safenet1] lunash:>

Register the NetScaler on the Thales Luna HSM

    [Safenet1] lunash:>client register -client ns175 -ip

    'client register' successful.

    Command Result : 0 (Success)
    [Safenet1] lunash:>

Assign the client a partition from the partition list

    [Safenet1] lunash:>client assignPartition -client ns175 -partition p2

    'client assignPartition' successful.

    Command Result : 0 (Success)
    [Safenet1] lunash:>

Register the HSM with its certificate on the NetScaler

    root@ns# ./vtl addserver -n -c /var/safenet/safenet/lunaclient/server.2.7.pem

    New server successfully added to server list.
    root@ns# ./vtl verify

    The following Luna SA Slots/Partitions were found:

    Slot        Serial #                  Label
    ====      ================           =====
       0              477877010          p2

Save the configuration

    root@ns# cp /etc/Chrystoki.conf /var/safenet/config/

Configure automatic start of the gateway daemon at boot time

    touch /var/safenet/safenet_is_enrolled