Web Interface Features

Before you configure the Web Interface for Citrix Gateway, you must understand the differences between Citrix Virtual Apps websites and Citrix Virtual Apps Services sites.

  • Citrix Virtual Apps Web sites. The Web Interface provides functionality to create and manage Citrix Virtual Apps websites. Users access published resources and streamed applications remotely using a Web browser and a plug-in.
  • Citrix Virtual Apps Services sites. Citrix Virtual Apps is a plug-in designed for flexibility and ease of configuration. By using Citrix Virtual Apps with Citrix Virtual Apps Services sites on the Web Interface, you can integrate published resources with users’ desktops. Users access remote and streamed applications, and remote desktops and content by clicking icons on their desktop or the Start menu, or by clicking in the notification area of their computer desktop. You can determine the configuration options your users can access and modify, such as audio, display, and logon settings.

    Note: If you select this option, access to virtual desktops is not supported.

For more information, see Citrix Product Documentation.

Web Interface Features