Install the hardware

Before installing a Citrix ADC appliance, review the pre-installation checklist.

To use the SDX appliance, you must complete the following tasks by following the instructions given in the resources provided in table. Complete the tasks in the sequence given.



  1. Read safety, cautions, warnings, and other information

    Read the caution and danger information you need to know, before installing the product.

  2. Prepare for installation

    Unpack your appliance and ensure all parts were delivered, prepare the site and rack, and follow basic electrical safety precautions before you install your new appliance.

  3. Install the hardware

    Rack mount the appliance, install transceivers (if available), and connect the appliance to the network and a power source.

  4. Configure the appliance.

    Configure the initial settings of the Citrix ADC appliance by using the GUI or the serial console.

    Follow the steps given in the following documentations to complete these tasks:

Install the hardware