How to free space on a /flash directory in a NetScaler appliance

This troubleshooting article explains how an administrator can free space from the /flash directory of a NetScaler appliance.

Procedure to free space in the /flash directory of a NetScaler appliance

  1. Log on to the CLI of NetScaler by using SSH.
  2. After you log on to the NetScaler CLI, switch to the shell prompt using the following
  3. Run the df -h command to see the availability of space on the NetScaler appliance.
  4. If the capacity of the /flash directory is more than 90 percent or low, you must delete few files from this directory.
  5. Run the following commands to view the contents of the /flash directory:

    cd /flash
    ls -l
  6. You might find multiple files of various versions of the NetScaler software release. Ensure that the files present in this location are the ones applicable to the current version of the NetScaler software on your appliance. Run the following command to remove any other files from the appliance.

    rm <filename>


Remove only the older versions of the kernel. The /flash directory must contain the files that the current version or build of the NetScaler software release is using and the kernel.gz file. Citrix recommends not to remove these files from the /flash directory.

How to free space on a /flash directory in a NetScaler appliance