New and deprecated commands, parameters, and SNMP OIDs

This section lists the new and deprecated commands, parameters, and SNMP OIDs.

New commands

The following table lists the new commands in release 13.1.

Command group Command
Cloud stat cloud

New parameters

Command group Commands and parameters
Application Firewall add appfw profile [-clientIpExpression <expression>]; set appfw profile [-clientIpExpression <expression>]; show appfw profile [-clientIpExpression <expression>]
Bot add bot profile [-verboseLogLevel ( NONE \| HTTP_FULL_HEADER )]; set bot profile [-verboseLogLevel ( NONE \| HTTP_FULL_HEADER )]; show bot profile [verbose Log Level]; set cloud ngsparameter [-csvserverTicketingDecouple ( YES \| NO )]; show cloud ngsparameter [-csvserverTicketingDecouple]
GSLB set gslb parameter [-GSLBSyncSaveConfigCommand ( ENABLED \| DISABLED )]; show gslb parameter [GSLBSyncSaveConfigCommand]
NS set ns tcpParam [-delinkClientServerOnRST ( ENABLED \| DISABLED )]; show ns tcpParam [delinkClientServerOnRST]
RDP add rdp clientprofile [-rdpValidateClientIP ( ENABLE \| DISABLE )]; set rdp clientprofile [-rdpValidateClientIP ( ENABLE \| DISABLE )]; show rdp clientprofile [-rdpValidateClientIP]

Deprecated commands

Command group Commands
NS add ns trafficDomain; rm ns trafficDomain; bind ns trafficDomain; unbind ns trafficDomain; enable ns trafficDomain; disable ns trafficDomain; show ns trafficDomain; stat ns trafficDomain
WI add wi site; rm wi site; set wi site; bind wi site; unbind wi site; show wi site; install wi package; uninstall wi package; show wi package
WF install wf package; uninstall wf package; show wf package; add wf site; rm wf site; set wf site; show wf site

Removed deprecated features

The following deprecated features have been removed and are no longer configurable from NetScaler version 13.1 onwards.

  • The Filter feature (also known as Content Filtering or CF) - actions, policies, and binding.
  • The SPDY, sure connect (SC), priority queuing (PQ), HTTP Denial of Service (DoS), and HTML Injection features.
  • Classic policies for SSL, content switching, cache redirection, compression, and application firewall.
  • The url and domain parameters in content switching policies.
  • Classic expressions in load balancing persistence rules.
  • The pattern parameter in Rewrite actions.
  • The bypassSafetyCheck parameter in Rewrite actions.
  • SYS.EVAL_CLASSIC_EXPR in Advanced expressions.
  • The patclass configuration entity.
  • The HTTP.REQ.BODY with no argument in Advanced expressions.
  • Q and S prefixes in Advanced expressions.
  • The policyType parameter for the compression parameter setting. (CLI command set cmp parameter.)

You can use the nspepi tool for the conversion. You must run the tool on a NetScaler appliance version 13.0 or 12.1.

For more information, see Classic Policy Deprecation FAQs.

Also, to use the latest version of the tools to migrate from classic to advanced configuration, see NetScaler scripts on GitHub.


For more information, see the SNMP OID Reference guide.

New and deprecated commands, parameters, and SNMP OIDs