When to Use Enlightened Data Transport Support

The following scenarios illustrate the use of EDT enabled Citrix Gateway.

  • A user wants an experience as good as in a LAN environment while remotely accessing business resources.
  • A user wants a rich virtual application and desktop user experience on Wi-Fi and cellular networks where network quality is poor because of congestion, high packet loss, and high latency.

The following points are to be kept in mind while using EDT.

  • The DTLS knob at the virtual server level is enabled by default.
  • SNI with DTLS is not supported.
  • IPv6 with DTLS is not supported.
  • The appliance can now be configured for Double-hop functionality for EDT traffic between Receiver and VDA. For more information, click Deploying in a Double-Hop DMZ.

Note: EDT is supported on the MPX FIPS platform in release 12.1 build 49.xx and later. On the Intel Coleto SSL chip based MPX devices, EDT is supported from release 12.1 build 51.16 and later.

When to Use Enlightened Data Transport Support