Understanding the Citrix Gateway MDM Integration with Intune

The following is an example flow of events in a typical Citrix Gateway MDM Integration with Intune:

  1. Enroll a mobile device with Intune.
  2. Corporate approved applications and device policies are pushed to the device.
  3. Browse SharePoint (on-premises application) from the device.
  4. The browser request goes to Citrix Gateway.
  5. The Citrix Gateway appliance checks with Intune for the enrollment status of the device.
  6. If a compliant device is enrolled successfully, the SharePoint access is granted.

Intune and Citrix ADC integration

When a device doesn’t meet a conditional access policy, the Citrix Gateway VPN client displays an error message. The message provides a link from the device to a page hosted by Intune that gives the user the option to enroll or to remediate the device’s compliance status.


Administrators must ensure the following while pushing the certificates to Intune so that the users can differentiate between the various certificates on their device.

  • Certificates must have a subject summary.
  • The subject summaries for different certificates must be distinct.
Understanding the Citrix Gateway MDM Integration with Intune